**Please read before filling out the form for information regarding pricing and scheduling.

Pricing : $200.00 an hour and typically clients book between 4-7 hours. Multiple sessions are always a possibility especially for larger pieces. I never know exactly how long a piece is going to take to complete but we can start with however many hours fits your budget at the time and go from there.  If you’re wanting a larger piece then I suggest booking longer sessions to essentially get more done (multiple sessions still being a possibility).  Smaller pieces may be given an upfront estimate.

Schedule: I schedule for Mondays and Thursdays starting at 10am and stay booked out for at least 2 to 3 months.

When to expect a reply: My personal assistant answers messages via email every Sunday between 8am-9am and 8pm-9pm and will be able to get you on the schedule then and take deposits.

Deposit: A half down deposit is required to secure a date. I can take through Paypal and it is nonrefundable.

Design: I do not show a completed design prior to your appointment. I only need concepts, ideas, specific ingredients and general placement to create your custom design. Any adjustments can be made together in person on your scheduled appointment day (same day you’re getting tattooed).