Birth Month Flowers

One of the most requested design element are birth month flowers! Flowers to represent the month that a loved one was born. Each month of the year has its own flower and those flowers can be used as inspiration or single element in a tattoo design.

Typically the client has many loved ones they’d like to represent like their parents, grandparents and children etc.

Birth month flowers are a beautiful way to represent those that mean the most and can be combined in a bouquet style layout for a unique and pretty tattoo!

Here’s a list of the months and their flowers!

January -carnation or snowdrop

February-violets or primrose


April- daisy or sweet peas

May-lily of the valley

June- rose or honeysuckle

July-larkspur Or water lily

August-gladiolus or poppy

September-aster or morning glory

October- calendula or cosmos

November- chrysanthemum

December-narcissus or holly

Because some months have two options of flowers, either clients will pick what they prefer or refer to my opinion on what combination would look best when paired with the other flowers in their design.

In the beginning stages of consulting and designing, clients will tell me the months they’d like to represent and who it’s for, the placement they’d like to put the piece and leave the rest to me as far as putting it all together!

During their appointment, the first thing I do Is show them their floral design, make any adjustments if needed and print off various sizes. Once they love all aspects of the design and placement, the tattooing begins!

It such an honor and so fun to see their love for loved ones expressed through the flowers getting tattooed!