Meet the Artist



Thanks so much for your interest in getting to know me and my work!

I began my apprenticeship and was introduced to the tattoo industry at 17 years old. From then on, I evolved as a person and an artist.  I have some fine art and graphic design background through traditional schooling, but learned the most through the tattoo industry.

This industry has allowed me to fully express myself as an artist, travel and work with amazing people.  It is a huge honor to learn about your uniqueness and represent that in your tattoo.  I am especially fond of floral and nature-like designs in a watercolor and painter-like soft style with some realistic elements.

Now, I have been tattooing for 6 years, I’m married and have 2 sweet kiddos. I’m mainly stationed in Ohio but do travel across the U.S to work at tattoo conventions or private studios. For booking requests, click here.

I  look forward to the potential of working with you!

-Liz Alvarez