I find myself at the park way too many times during the day and looking at the clock thinking holy shit, it’s ONLY 3pm.

If it wasn’t for having a very hyper 3 year old, I would be laying in bed all day staring at our two week old, all dreamy like and taking cat naps and binge watching Netflix. (My husband may argue that this does in fact happen.)

Instead, my mornings are getting sleepier as the days go on and we’re trying to fill time with eating, morning walks and WHATEVER will ware out Ocean.

Baby Flora’s been keeping me awake with sounds of an obnoxious stuffed nose that she doesn’t know how to clear out (cue the nose sucker) and grunts leading to sharts all while wearing the girliest, frilliest of clothes.

Picture this…I’m walking out the door, humongous car seat carrier thing in arm, hand in hand with my toddler and a slice of pizza hanging out of my mouth. We are, of course, going to the park.

This morning Oceans crying and holding onto my leg for dear life and Flora simultaneously projectile pukes all over my shirt….A shirt that I try to save by wiping with the all-mighty baby wipe because it’s the last clean shirt that actually fits me.

(Spoiler alert, the shirt didn’t make it)

I did however treat myself to a nice little onesie I found at Kroger (yes, you read that right).

I go back and read this and it may sound sarcastic or like I’m not having a good time, but I’m crying laughing as I’m writing this…

Believe me when I say, THIS is motherhood at its finest.

In between grocery runs, trips to the nearest splash pad, dinner (which may or may not be a box of raisins), diaper changes every hour and the occasional song and dance number that embarrasses my son, we are loving to the fullest capacity and having the most amount of fun together.

This is motherhood ❤️


-Liz A.

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